About Us

Launched in 2002, Cambodia Tomorrow was founded on the belief that all children should have their basic needs met, including food, medical care and educational opportunities. Cambodia Tomorrow values self-determination, working closely with the communities served to develop culturally appropriate programs and solutions to enhance their lives. Over the years the programs have evolved based on emerging needs and have included pre-school education, medical screening, English language lessons and higher education scholarship. Cambodia Tomorrow is committed to rigorous financial responsibility. Practices ensure the maximum percentage of contribution funds is directly benefiting children, including partnership with other assistance groups to compliment work plans. Skills-building and professional development for Cambodian staff is an integral part of Cambodia Tomorrow’s efforts.

The Cambodia Tomorrow School opened in 2008 and now educates 125 students from the Kompong Speu Orphan Center and surrounding community. We are committed to expanding our community outreach, with the continued support of our contributors.

The Cambodia Tomorrow School has a staff of two English teachers, a classroom helper, and a computer teacher. In addition to offering English and computer, the school provides support for high school students in all of their studies. Cambodia Tomorrow works closely with other NGOs to place students in university and vocational programs following graduation from high school.

Kompong Speu Orphan Center

Kompong Speu Orphan Center (KSOC) is a government-owned orphanage, run by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor, Vocational Training and Youth Rehabilitation (MOSALVY). KSOC is approximately a 45 minute drive west of Phnom Penh. It is situated on a residential street off the highway which passes through the town of Kompong Speu. The grounds are spacious and include dormitories (babies, girls and boys), a recreational building, dining hall with kitchen, playground complete with basketball court and a large water tower which holds the water pumped from the orphanage well. The Cambodia Tomorrow School is on the grounds of KSOC and has two large classrooms, a computer lab and an office.

Currently, 80 children ages 2 to 18 reside at the orphanage. The school age children attend the local government school half a day and the Cambodia Tomorrow School on-site for their English Language and computer classes.

The orphanage was founded in 1979 after the end of the Khmer Rouge regime. Pol Sok Ly has been director of the orphanage since 1997. KSOC receives support from the Cambodian government as well as other NGOs.